Best Laparoscopy, Keyhole And Laparoscopic Surgery In Singapore

photo of laparoscopy

Singapore keyhole surgery also known as the minimally invasive surgery or laparoscopic surgery refers to the carrying out of surgical procedures with the help of a video camera and a number of thin looking instruments. During this important surgical procedure a few small incisions of 1/2 inch are made through which plastic tubes or ports are inserted into it. The camera and other instruments are inserted through these ports which allow the doctors to have an access to the patient’s inside.

The camera has the task of transporting images of the organs placed inside the abdomen to the TV monitor. Our surgeon will not be able to see the inside of the patient without the help of a traditional large incision. In other words, the video camera acts as the eyes of the specialist during the surgery since our surgeon uses these images to perform the surgical procedure. The major benefits of a minimally invasive procedure is as follows –

• Very quick recovery time
• Early return to daily activities
• Small scars
• Minimal post operative discomfort
• Low internal scarring unlike a standard open surgery

Advanced Laparoscopic surgery with the help of hand-access devices

Our doctor performs a lot of functions during a surgery which is very difficult to produce using state-of-the-art laparoscopic instruments. The inability to place the hand inside the abdomen during the operation has severely limited the scope of laparoscopy for the more complex abdominal surgeries on the bile duct, pancreas and liver.

Hand-access devices are the new age devices that actually allow our surgeon to place his hand inside the patient’s abdomen during the surgical procedure and perform a number of different functions. These new devices have helped our doctors perform a number of operations such as liver resection, Whipple operation & distal pancreatectomy.

Robot Assisted Surgical Procedure

The computer assisted robotic system allows our specialist to operate inside the abdomen in a less invasive manner during an operation. The much appreciated Da Vinci Robotic system allows a much better precision and a high level of visualization.

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