Best Colonoscopy For Colon Cancer Screening In Singapore

Best Colonoscopy For Colon Cancer Screening In Singapore
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Staying in good health is an important aspect of one’s life. You need to keep fit by exercising and eating healthy foods. However, when faced with a health problem, you should seek medical attention.

Colonoscopy is the process by which Singapore colorectal surgeons can view the inner lining of a human’s intestines. To detect an ailment in the large intestine, the specialist follows the due procedure, which will call for the insertion of a tube into the colon for screening. The colonoscope tube aids in finding an ulcer, detecting the presence of a tumor and any other complications in your intestine.

Colonoscopy is a procedure that many people do not like. It is embarrassing and many of them prefer that it becomes a private conversation. However, irrespective of how you feel, it may be a life-saving procedure. Failure to undertake the procedure may lead doctors to miss out on a serious ailment such as colorectal or colon cancer that may worsen with time. There have been cases of people who suffered adversely due to either the lack of knowledge about the procedure or the unwillingness to go through the process.

The actual process takes about half an hour. There has been the debate about the ability of people to drive back home after the process. A patient needs around three hours for the whole process. It includes the time from arrival to the sedation process, and the time for resting. After the examination of the colon, you need approximately 30 minutes to rest and calm from the effects of the sedative. Thereafter, you can freely drive home. However, colorectal surgeons from Singapore advise that you should not drive home immediately after the process.

The first examination procedure was done at New York’s Beth Israel Medical Center in 1969. Since then, the procedure has gained popularity as a solution to tumor and ulcer examination in the colon. Over time, the medical profession has seen an advancement in the process.

The cost of the surgery is between $8000 to $10000. Do not save cost as you pay for what you get.

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